How To Apply For And Get Your Free Government Grants?

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Every day millions of dollars in Free Government Grants are provided to US Citizens for Business and Personal Needs. A major problem is that most people don’t know where to look for government grants and, when they find one, they don’t know how to apply. We have made it easy for you to find and apply for a free government grant.

Imagine the difference it would make to you and your family if you were approved to receive free money for your particular needs!

Who is Eligible to Apply for Free Money?

Anyone who is a US citizen or who resides permanently in the USA is eligible to apply.

What Options Are Available to You?

In 2010 there are more than 1000 Federal Programs, 25000 State based Programs, 30000 Private Grants and 20000 Scholarship opportunities available. There are in excess of 1500 Government Grants administered by about 60 different Federal Government Departments! Finding the right one for you can be a challenge. We have done the searching for you and have found the best services that you can use to apply for your free government grant. Please read the options presented below.

What Does FREE Really Mean?

Government grants are free in that you do not have to pay them back. This is not a loan – it is a grant. There is no loan or interest charge.


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What Criteria do I need to Meet to be Accepted?

Anyone can apply for a government grant. Your credit history does not count. There are no credit checks, no collateral (e.g. deposit) is required and even people who have been bankrupt can apply. Because you are not required to repay the funds, you are not considered a risk - so this is not like applying for a loan.

How to Apply for Government Grants and Be Accepted

Very few people have the expertise required to prepare adequate applications for federal free money. If you can’t afford to pay someone to prepare your application for you, then consider using one of the services offered in the table below. They all make it easy for you by showing you what is available and how to apply.  They also help you structure your application so that it has a better chance of being approved.

Each service is slightly different, so we suggest that you read each and decide which is best suited your needs.

Please note:
You can use more than one service. There is no restriction and you can apply as many times as you wish.


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